No matter how okay I am with the fact that Envy is no longer a band, it never doesn’t hurt remembering that this was the last night that they would ever do this together, the last night that anyone was EVER able to experience this. I am always sorry about that.

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Temper Temper - Envy On The Coast (Vocal Cover)

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Envy On The Coast - Gift Of Paralysis (Acoustic) (by NYCgurl121090)

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Envy on the Coast (by aliszubiak)

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Envy on the Coast (by rwerner)

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Ryan Hunter and unknown fan.

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To all the Envy on the Coast fans,

As long as we remain sharing & spreading their music, the band & what they have done for us will live on<3

I want to follow everyone who loves Envy!

We couldn’t not reblog this!

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Starving Your Friends - Envy On The Coast (Vocal Cover)

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These bones are mere accessories!

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